A detailed design of the perfect back casual wedding dresses

, to the people endless imagination ,lace wedding dresses, so that moment a beautiful moment forever. Halter wedding dress trend has been going on for years , especially in the upcoming summer , more attractive to the brides back curves show more choices. Both the back strap style ,mermaid wedding dresses, or the classical Greek oblique halter style, or the conventional

wedding photography Sanya ,casual wedding dresses, Sanya Shanghai wedding photography studio t = src = The back of the design is particularly prominent , wide velvet ribbon on the back strap design and the mop-up bow at the waist , so that a court full of luxurious wedding and a little taste of retro style. Bridal fluffy tail skirt and cascading folds brings cute and elegant visual effects , wedding upper edge of the sparkling crystal -studded wedding You Xianhua so expensive.

back to the wedding of a charming Style. The Indian Wedding Rose back design is extremely bold. a large area of the halter style, simple cross- strap to the back and waist of a beautiful bride curve perfectly. At the same time clean and refreshing and trailing off the back and more subtle designs. < br>
halter style wedding dress to the back of a charming

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Weight 210 kg man lost about 130 kg a year (Figure ) ralph lauren polo

December 13, Zhou Wenzhong, after weight loss home weight 80 kg. Chen Jie intern lacoste poloorter Tianchao She
2009, the 21-year-old weight of 210 kg Zhou family. I press the same force and waist circumference taken
lacoste polo1.7 meters tall and weighing 210 kilograms, to the van to go get stuffed, this is a year ago called The morning of December 13, left home one year, lost about 130 kg body weight, he returned to Changsha, the mother even said: >

sudden storm fertilizer, hospitals can not find the reason

Miss Zhou Muzhang introduced thinner son was born, there is no exception. 5 years old suddenly as fat as the inflatable up and getting fat. 7 years of age diagnosed as obese, the doctor said there was no special treatment.

2009, the adult body weight Zhou stable home exploded in two months more than 20 kilograms, in order to go to the hospital, family members specially hired a van, blacoste pololy into his go, however, the hospital because doctors could not check.

the matter after lacoste poloorts by the newspaper, contact a hospital in Changchun on the very fact that they would be free treatment of the Zhou family. A year later, re-appear in front of us is only 80 kg of the Zhou family.

special day to lose weight eat meat

every family in Xiangtan Zhou Wenzhong, the lacoste poloorter saw lying on the floor doing push-ups lacoste polo his,ralph lauren polo, he wanted to really prove himself in this way weight loss success.

He did not come back, only to send the photos.

of a job to start a new life

Zhou family 22 years old, because of physical reasons, the fifth grade to drop out of school early,lacoste polo, and now thought he could not wait to normal life

If you can give this big fat brother had to help, please call the hotline 0731-84326110 News newspaper.

■ Can intern reporter Guo Huang Lu Gong Xiangping

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Villagers building a tree 15 meters can be fitted kitchen, toilets readily available 18 lacoste polo

December 15, Yiyang County, Li Town Taojiang Xingping Village, 63-year-old villager Xiong Yuhu built in 15 meter high tree house. Figure / Xiaoxiang Morning roll of journalists Zhang Huicong
afar, huts at high altitude, surrounded by snow-covered bamboo is, like most of the Figure / Xiaoxiang Morning roll of journalists Zhang Huicong
after jujube is a large iron bamboo, Xiong Yuhu catch in the gap between the bamboo wood, into a narrow staircase. Figure / Xiaoxiang Morning roll of journalists Zhang Huicong
house 4.1 meters long, 4 meters wide, 3.5 meters high. To save space, the left wall of the hut hidden Figure / Xiaoxiang Morning roll of journalists Yiyang Zhang Huicong
Red Net December 17 (Xiaoxiang Morning roll lacoste poloorter Zhou Qing tree) not all Demolition related. Taojiang County village of Xing Ping Li Town, the villagers Xiongyu Hu, 63, 15 meters high in a tree built a house, kitchen, toilets, water towers, TV cabinets and other living facilities, adults. named distraction as a green roof umbrella. jujube tree in bamboo on the iron. Iron jujube weeks is about 1.5 meters (a 175CM adult men surrounded the perimeter of the two arms), from the bottom of the tree’s roots to the house, height about 15 meters. After the date tree is a large iron bamboo,lacoste polo, Xiong Yuhu catch in the gap between the bamboo wood, into a narrow staircase.

15 days, Yiyang snow. Reporter along with local villagers into the cabin. Fixed in the main room of the four iron twig on jujube. In order not to damage the branches, Xiong Yuhu twig huts in each fixed on the wrapped sponge.

introduced, according to Xiong Yuhu, housing 4.1 meters long, 4 meters wide, 3.5 meters high. To save space, the north wall of the hut hidden Xiongyu Hu said that in addition to aluminum windows, the house building materials lacoste polo wood. Cottage with kitchen, TV cabinet, connected the biogas toilets, can take a bath in the water tower … …

west side of the hut opened a sliding door, engraved with words of a blessing. Standing in the doorway, looking south road is a long, thin, curved bend onto the three bears house. Looking from the other three directions, all the snow off a layer of thin bamboo. Viewed from afar, huts at high altitude, surrounded by a green bamboo, like

This year in March, Xiongyu Hu and his wife travel to Beijing and seen the nest, he would like, Beijing’s Bird’s Nest is built on the ground, he wanted to build a real nest tree. Thus, starting from April, Xiongyu Hu began to take the bamboo ladder, carved in the amount of tree size, wood, etc. will be transported to the top of the tree, the frame beams shop board … …

hut is not yet completed, but also have piled carpet, nails and a hammer. Xiongyu Hu said he also intends to build a house railings at the exit, the window sticks in a piece of wood, a pile of wood on the pile of soil to plant some vegetables, and landscaping about the room.

fact Xiongyu Hu had lived in the house. Around mid-July, just a shelf housing support, the Xiongyu Hu and Zhuangguo An old friend, Xiong Hanxiang 3 individuals lived in the house more than a dozen nights,

Wang Suan not been to huts, and she impressed me most was Xiongyu Hu would not down. work is an erhu. Wang Suan clean up the house below,ralph lauren polo, when cooking often heard sound of the erhu, on the building in order to breathe fresh air

Xiongyu Hu said the construction of the house, he studied the load-bearing trees, the power to determine the distribution of the house, etc., to ensure that the housing Xiongyu Hu said, the house went up 18 while the average weight of 120 kg in adults. 15, lacoste poloorters and 6 other adults into the huts, in the move, the roof has little sway.

Xiongyu Hu said he was building in the trees for three main purposes: promoting environmental protection, green; exercise; breath of fresh air.

15 meters above the ground the air and there is much difference between the air? Xiong said that few days ago, the work of the second daughter in Yongzhou home, visit the cabin and said, I feel better. The lacoste poloorter exposed to the three villagers and friends but do not think there is such a big difference.

HD Image: 15 meter high tree farmer in Hunan housing can be mounted 18
farmer built a tree house in the 15 meters can be installed at the same time 18 Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News Play Video

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User drying worst end of the year awards Male Staff Mojiang able to get sanitary napkins lacoste polo

each end of the year, year-end awards will become the hot topic of working population. The end of this year, two special reasons for particular concern this topic: global economic recovery, CPI (consumer price index) continued to rise.

recently, Xinhua and other sites related to post year-end awards lacoste polo hot. Newspaper

■ Current hosted a press Cheng Hongchuan

is tantamount to reduce if not to increase

lower, do not mean to get the money to reduce it? Many users also said that the end of the year award along with the rising prices, is reasonable.

year-end awards will be followed up? Yesterday, the investigation of real estate, internet, finance, automobile, culture and other industries in more than 80 companies conducted a survey of employees in the respondents said

users to work in the manufacturing sector, economic upturn in 2009 has also made 4,000 yuan, so what’s estimated inflation this year will not change. in almost half of it clear that

survey, 59.26% of the respondents do not send the business end of the year award or bonus to reduce the main reason for the category of

69% of the respondents said that consumer goods industry will perform well; 10% think the media / public relations / advertising industry will be an excellent performance; only 5.3% thought that a good banking and financial services.

for year-end awards lacoste polo also learning about

anyone want a hard year later, the more the better end of the year award. But how can we get more year-end awards?

Chongqing Administration Institute of Public Administration Research Department Director, Professor Chen Wenquan said, first of all, no credit for pride, should contribute to moderate expression; secondly, not to the family as an excuse, should highlight the achievements; Third, do not compare with others, self-assessment should be reasonable; Fourth,lacoste polo, avoid and partisan, should be immune.

Professor Chan said that At the end of the year award for the time, many employees are accustomed to contact with a number of comments the staff, along with theory to find the boss. But the business owner is the most taboo and partisan staff, this is a blatant challenge to his authority. In this case, the boss or make compromises, settle scores; or Poguanposhuai, a child not to. Whatever the outcome, the employees are no good.

worst end of the year award should be considered as a User’s answer is also

friends I touched a few large package of sanitary napkins. Days Kelian Jian, and I do not have a girlfriend ah! To female colleagues? People do not say I’m strange rogue.



more users, said the worst end of the year award, it should be a hard year,ralph lauren polo, not a large sub-children of light board. No matter what kind of year-end awards, with the total still better than nothing.

abroad Distributed to middle end of the year award more than the general staff. In addition, there lacoste polo options other high dividend payment, may far exceed the annual salary.

Belgium: blue-collar employees do not end bonus, white-collar end bonus is divided into two parts: the collective bonus and individual bonus. Each staff member has a collective profit sharing, and personal dividend is based on individual performance assessment.

France: There is no requirement to send year-end bonus for civil servants, most of the civil service payroll year-end bonus equivalent to 8% (slightly less than one month’s wages.)

Britain: distribute the company’s year-end bonuses varies widely. London Business School, graduating in 2004 Master of Business Administration (MBA), for example, in the consulting, finance, industry, graduates work in 2004, the average year-end awards were received about 1.1 million pounds, 26,000 pounds and 9,000 pounds. In addition, the region and positions varies widely.

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Troubles over the top men and fight, abnormal in 12 rolls of 1 day lacoste polo

If you see a stranger, and immediately hand your mouth and nose
newspaper Tonghua Paper sudden, a man suffering from strange diseases of, in particular the love of clean, eat restaurant meals to do, to see who lacoste polo suspected of Mai Tai, hand cover mouth requirements away from the nose, after several checks did not find out the results. 4 years ago, jumped from the 7th floor after a fall led to lower limbs, bizarre behavior is more serious and started naked, 1 not to cut long hair dragging, eat and drink all in the house Lazard. Nearly sixty years, their parents, though living life very constraints, has worked hard to meet the requirements of ordering his son to the hotel.

have abnormal love clean

roll of toilet paper a day in 12

yesterday morning, the lacoste poloorter went to a new station in Tonghua City rental office near the abnormal man. This is an old architectural buildings, households own heating stove. When the door, walked in from the supermarket to buy things for his son back Ms. Fan, trembling with cold and said, one (12 volumes) and more toilet paper, I just bought the supermarket instant noodles, Coke and Zhu Tourou only have to buy lunch every day to his son to spend fifty or sixty million, our family income of 1,000 yuan a month, It is difficult to maintain the ah … … Heated kang, a chubby man covered in dirty side in the bed in a full scale semi long hair.

lacoste poloorters try to communicate with the man, his eyes staring with a strange journalist, and hand your mouth and nose, but said nothing.

change after a fight weird

eat restaurant meals

I have a habit, when they give him a meal with a scarf over my face.

According to Ms. Fan describes her 55-year-old son 28 years old. Son is very active before, learning is also quite good. Can suddenly got a strange disease many years ago. This illness was caused by he and his partners have a fight, by the stimulation from that, see the stranger coming home he gets angry, but also threw things at home, when they kicked open the door, do not push hands . At first, Ms. Fan temper just think kids have changed, but also did not expect a strange move would intensify.

Since then, his son stay in the house all day, look weird, talking to himself, consciousness is not clear. Even more bizarre is that from that time his son became particularly fond of clean, washed 10 times one day, and while taking a bath to wash from morning to night, to see which lacoste polo Xianzang home.

Since then, the son begins to eat meals at home, eat restaurant meals and packaged food. Helpless,ralph lauren polo, Ms. Fan three meals a day will go to a restaurant to his son buy lunch, to Sam Sun, spiced beef, butter, etc. lacoste polo all necessary points of eggplant dishes, home of his son drink the water, must drink Coke, and must open it yourself. He was eating, others can not front, must all go out to eat is not much, throw all over the place.

check-ups did not cure

want to know is valid and abnormal

Ms. Fan suspected his son had mental problems and, in 2003, the couple took their son to Changchun City , Meihekou and other places in the mental hospital was examined, but found no abnormalities. Obsessive-compulsive disorder was treated in accordance with, but not cured.

2006 in the fall, his son always said ears, a woman talking to him, encouraged him to jump, he was back and forth in the corridors of residential nap, suddenly jumped from the 7th floor, fortunately miraculously survived, but came to a lower limb disability. In order to give him the treatment, the family spent a total of more than 20 million families had pretty good life, and now they have to rent an apartment to live.

, who touched a hair do not let him, Mai Tai people dislike him, did not move to stay so long.

Ms. Fan said,lacoste polo, is entitled to know his son is valid and strange diseases, strokes, or with Han Han prescription can cure.

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Thief with a bed sheet rope from the window while trapped under the 18-storey window lacoste polo

(Reporter correspondent Gan Lin Song-ho) works the body a high-rise residential buildings near the 22nd floor, a man with a bed sheet rope from the window down, alarm rescue trapped 18 stories out of the window.

police rescued the man, after investigation that the man entered the 22nd floor a theft, was locked in the house,ralph lauren polo, imitating a scene flee trapped.

yesterday, police said the man had been in administrative detention.

men were trapped 18 stories rope hanging out the window

12 月 17 日 下午 2 am, police received a warning call claiming to be a man surnamed Xu stuck in the vicinity of high-rise Workers the window for help.

Chaoyang police arrived, the man standing on the 18th floor window, his hands firmly grasp the 22nd floor of a strap hanging outside the window. Police found upstairs, this tape is more than the sheets, curtains tied together.

too high due to trapped floor,lacoste polo, the police can contact the owner of 18 layers, so that homeowners with home window to save.

trapped men in the cold for an hour out of the window, and finally back to 18 layers such as homeowners. Immediately, the police entered the house to rescue the man from the window. At this point, the man whole body shivering, Approximate freezing.

imitation of a scene hanging rope escape

Subsequently, the police for questioning, the man admitted burglary, was locked room, think of the movie, and tie knots trapped downstairs.

The man said the same day at 2 am, he was carrying a hammer, screwdriver and other tools, Gong Ti Bei Lu came to a community, forced open a door of 22 layers. Due to lack of experience, he will break the lock in the eyes screwdriver card. Close slipped into the house, the man took a few items ready to leave, they found the door will not open.

anxious men think of a movie, the use of bed sheets, curtains and other objects away from windows. Then, he used bed sheets, curtains and form a rope tied to the window, and climbed down the rope out of the window. And down 4 floors and found the rope is too short, man is not stuck in the up and down outside the building, excited and nervous fear, he can only call 110 for help.

Subsequently, the police found 22 layers of households, from Spain, Mario. By Mario checks, in addition to bed sheets, curtains and there is no damage to the other losses. The man said, think of climbing stairs inconvenience, he would have stolen items back in place.

Police said the man was violated,

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the homes of villagers after the snow well water experts say could change the red line of blood iron and manganese exceeded ralph lauren polo

Tian old villagers suddenly out of the wells in the pink well water. Reporter Ranwen She
yesterday, Beibei District, Renaissance Village, the town from the source of 17 community, the villagers home Yuan Ba ​​Tin Cheung root. 7 years ago, his home burrow into the ground water of 25 meters, still in use to date that wells out of the water showing pink. Wonder who came to see, all amazement.

neighbors confirmed that the 15th day of snow, well water taken out several times over now deep red, like blood. Later, the color fades day by day, and yesterday turned pink.

well water in the blood of a sudden, terrifying master

Tian Xiang roots from the well-fifth six-meter house, the home of his brother well. 7 years ago, two wells are drilled, the water is clear, to the snow before the 15th of this month was no exception. However, 15 Chen, Tian Xiang root water out of the house red like blood brothers, with the usual home of the well water out of the same.

His wife heard the news of view, also was taken aback.

morning, more and more onlookers who heard, no one can say the reason clear well water suddenly turns red. Tian Xiang poisonous roots and his wife fear of well water, decided not to use.

Tian did this experiment: the white plastic bucket wash wipe, and then close to the outlet pipe of the water. When water or foreign objects into the beam off the dust bucket. The results, in addition to the color remains, did not have any sediment.

Tian Xiang root home cooking water into the well from its brothers and taken home. That afternoon, his daughter came back from her in-laws, I do not know well water suddenly turns red. Inadvertently, she had a whole family sclacoste polod of people want to come to another

chewing mouth like residue. Take a closer look I discovered, and every single blossom rice that lacoste polo like popcorn.

bowl and left without eating rice pot was immediately drained. Fortunately,lacoste polo, after that meal so far, the family does not appear ill.

iron or manganese superoxide Peugeot ground red

yesterday, still a number of onlookers, some curious to see them or even riding a motorcycle.

looking ahead, here is the demolition land lacoste poloas, many rural housing has been torn down, large-scale construction machinery in construction. Tian and onlookers generations living here, they do not think the industrial waste water infiltration into the soil.

So, what is behind the strange phenomenon? Yesterday afternoon, the Chongqing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Station of geological experts, the well water suddenly turned bright red, with the sudden drop in temperature is entirely coincidental.

It is understood that well water from aquifers, surface saturated by natural rainfall or river leakage through soil, the large pool formed. During the process of soaking or leakage, a variety of minerals dissolve in soil water table. With the revival of the town’s groundwater quality of underground water not far from the Jialing River in the same gravel gravel layer groundwater, iron, manganese and other elements.

experts, when the ground water guns and other facilities by the construction of external impact, the flow may change,ralph lauren polo, after a relatively moderate flow rate of the other waters. Groundwater flow moderate high iron or manganese ions, it is as well water pumped to the surface, the water from the low-cost iron iron iron into high-priced, leading to the water turns red, no smell. Manganese exceeded the naked eye is difficult to distinguish.

It is understood that a high iron or manganese ions groundwater, drinking harmful to health, the easiest way is to use sand filtration tank.

chief lacoste poloorter Huang Yanchun

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Pierce the heart of the boss was jealous man drove to the hospital for medical treatment persist ralph lauren polo

heart was punctured, he drove to the hospital

doctors say, is fatal, but fortunately I have super willpower so that he had a narrow escape

door was opened, followed by, Shocked the doctors on duty.

soon,lacoste polo, the man entered the operating room. Anterior wall of the right ventricle of his heart pierced by the sword, is fatal. The Gengrang doctors surprise, the man turned out to be his drive to the hospital.

Yesterday, the man out of danger, the police have arrested the perpetrators. Massacre of the truth is, this man sent back home, Miss nightclub, causing Miss boyfriend jealous, knife to assassinate him.

midnight, broke into the emergency room of a blood person

Yesterday, the doctor He Binjun recalled to lacoste poloorters the night before experienced startling scene.

more than zero the day before yesterday, he on duty in the emergency room. At that time the hospital has been relatively quiet. Suddenly, the emergency room door opened and a man came running in a hurry, splash, fell to the ground.

several doctors shocked and immediately carried him to bed for treatment.

in bed,ralph lauren polo, He Binjun see the man upper body with blood, there lacoste polo a lot of blood poured out his chest. After testing, the man had no blood pressure, heart rate is also very weak.

He Binjun found that men more than 1 cm wide chest wound, like a sharp knife being stabbed before. Even more worrying is that knife piercing the heart of the ribs after he punctured the right ventricle anterior wall, which is fatal.

soon, the man pushed the operating room, doctors sew their cardiac surgery.

to 3 am, the hospital completed the initial rescue of his men slowly restore the heartbeat, blood pressure began to rise, but her condition remains very serious.

quickly and notify the hospital of Dr. Yuan Shunda to rest at home. Shunda Yuan, 59, is an experienced old doctor, he immediately rushed to the hospital in surgery.

punctured the heart, drive yourself to the hospital

yesterday morning, the man was finally rescued, he gradually regained consciousness, out of danger.

attended where the doctors were surprised, this man’s life is really great. Because the knife-edge directed his heart, is fatal.

why he can be saved?

medical analysis, said: Thanks to the rescue in time, from the assassination to the rescue only sixty-seven minutes time. and the rescue process, the hospital opened throughout the green channel, and quickly organized the rescue experts.

In addition, a strong man, my own will power, can always insisted to the hospital emergency room.

is very impressive and a bit incredible that night, the man turned out to be clutching his wound, drove himself to the hospital.

nightclub jealous boyfriend of Miss Murder triggered

yesterday, the police investigation. It soon became clear.

The man surnamed Chen, 40, Shaoxing, a local boss. That night, he was singing in a nightclub, called a lady. Sing well, he drove Miss home. To the door just in time to see close by the scene of Miss boyfriend.

So, her boyfriend jealous, and got washed down with a knife, stabbed in the heart Chen.

Chen, clutching his wound, too late to call 120, and opened his car go out into the hospital in time.

thanks to the incident not far from the hospital, only a few minutes drive away. Chen Mouqiang endured pain, an emergency room open the door to fall.

present, men have to assassinate Chen was arrested.

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Men drink cough syrup addiction never stopped 6 years ralph lauren polo

Like drug addiction, to drink eighty-nine bottle of wine, do not eat enough food, help.

48-year-old man Laomengcengyin Inner criminal drug addiction, leading to breakup; released from prison, he took the road of anti-drug propaganda, 3-year cycling through 700 cities and counties, have been successfully helped more than 30 drug treatment. These days, Lao Meng came to Quanzhou, looking for drug addicts in need of help.

in yesterday’s callers, there lacoste polo two of the more unique experiences: seeking help dragons (a pseudonym), a long drink such as life, was detected in the hospital Last night, dragons has passed the text message to the Lao Meng a brief description of your situation. Lao Meng said, the two callers is infected with In the shake off dependence on the road, he is willing to help them. But his experience seems more the case of the two callers, complacoste polod with the real drug, warning it will not be too uncomfortable, as long as psychologically convincing, the first time at home to force quit, then do the relevant treatment will be more effective.

contact. Next, he wanted the community involved in rehabilitation work in Quanzhou, looking forward to more people in his help, the real return to society.

Sample One: addicted to drink medicine, such as life 6 years of uninterrupted

dragons 23 years old, 6 years ago, he was still in high school to drink a . At the time, listen to what people say to drink it After high school, he found himself addicted to drink, drink every day, never stopped, Therefore,ralph lauren polo, he often unemployed, no money, and looked for by relatives and friends.

large. Because of this, he also wants to quit,

sample two: alcohol addiction day eighty-nine bottle

Amin (a pseudonym) is a little more than a brother, 38 years old.

It is little more than that,lacoste polo, her husband’s business has been very smooth, no emotional trauma, I do not know why hooked on alcohol. At first, her husband just drink some

little more than that, recently, Amin whenever drinking alcohol, they will quarrel with others, but also threw things at home, wine is poor. A few days ago, his family took him to the hospital, the test results lacoste polo

smaller than that of Lao Meng, the drugs have a way to quit, alcohol dependence should have the means to quit,

N lacoste poloorter Chien-Wen Peng Yang Jiong

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Market to settle disputes more than a month to park junction obstruction caused by road construction lacoste polo

Bo Fung Lok Chung Road and the junction of Iveco, nearby residents were called
illegal lane and parked cars common disorder, but you’ve seen on the road at the crossroads of a stop more than a month car? Zheliang stopped at Fung Lok Bo Chung Road and the junction of Iveco, nearby residents were called

Evening News lacoste poloorter Li Xuewen / map


Road can not lacoste poloair out is the Lok Road, lacoste poloa of ​​Zhao Xiuyun, windy days will not last more than a month out encounter: p> lacoste poloa at the entrance to her house because the heat pipe laying two or three meters wide was dug out of a hundred-meter-long pit road. Although the heat pipe Puwan after the company filled the pits, but the road did not clean up the brick sidewalk blocks lacoste polo stacked one hill, the road section Fengle bare soil surface.

she said,lacoste polo, crossing the road on the exposed soil covered with parked vehicles Iveco ads, more than a month did not move house, the project was unable to continue to completion.


intersection parking is apt to cause serious accident

‘s brother Lee was is the night shift taxi driver, also a lingering fear talking about Zheliang billboards: I took the passengers going to Tsinghua Park District, along the road from east to west Bo Chung Fung Lok Road intersection when traveling to a nearby street lights dim and the speed is high at night, almost to hit the bike Iveco. / p>

by passengers because of fierce braking lacoste polorove the meal, Master Li in mind that this thing remember very clearly. He said the bike stopped at the crossroads of the Northwest Iveco Department,ralph lauren polo, if the driver a little lack of concentration, can cause a vicious accident.


such advertising is too immoral

talking about a serious violation Zheliang car parked more than a month, a few shops near the intersection Merchant belly full of complaints.

blowing a thick layer of soil, dry the most taboo condition is very poor hotel, popular with business impact. Members of the public who may have seen around 110 police, but heard that it is unable to manage because of economic disputes.


to do is to handle disputes

Yu A93826 car brand Iveco car was full of ads, according to body advertising numbers played in the past, a claim to the market office staff said that this car was deliberately placed in the intersection,

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